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Friday, July 24, 2009

ehealthinsurance Saved Me $100/month

Whenever I find a company that provides an exceptional service or product, I don’t mind advertising for them. In the last month, like most of us, I’ve been trying to cut expenses where I can. I decided to start looking into different companies for health insurance because I felt like I was paying too much. It didn’t take me long to get frustrated because everyone wants you to submit your information, and they will have a sales representative call you to go through the entire sales spiel before they’ll give you a quote.

So, I was pleasantly surprised when I went to the website for ehealthinsurance and found that after inputting very basic information—date of birth, state of residency, etc., they were able to pull up quotes from every major company that offers health insurance in my state. There is no sales process, no “you’ll be contacted soon,” they just gave me the quotes and all the details for each policy. I was able to browse each policy and found one that offers identical coverage as I had for $100 less each month. So, I recommend that everyone check out their site and see if you can save some money as well. Here is the link:


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